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How I use Twitter for my career and you can, too: Someone will notice you, but that’s not the end

September 22, 2009

This series is based on my experience trying to use Twitter to help write my own career story. Twitter was a little intimidating and confusing for me at first, so I’m recounting my successes and failures in advice form to help other people like me who are ready to quit being passive and unhappy with the direction other people are taking their career. In this new career climate, I’m learning I can make things happen myself.


How I use Twitter for my career and you can, too: Beginning at the very beginning
How I use Twitter for my career and you can, too: Listen as much as you talk

By this point, you might at least see why using Twitter for your job search/career advancement is way more fun than traditional methods. You can be yourself! You have easy access to influential people! When someone acknowledges your presence, you feel a small victory! And it is a small victory to get noticed among all the noise on Twitter.

How to get retweeted

Being retweeted is major because it means you said something that made someone want to tell other people about you. Just keep tweeting about your blog and about topics related to your goal on Twitter. Remember when I said last time that retweeting is a good way to get people’s attention and let them know you’re listening? You’re gonna know what that feels like when it happens to you!

How I did it: I don’t know exactly how I did it; it just happened organically. That morning, I’d tweeted about one of my blog posts, and that afternoon someone retweeted it. This wasn’t even someone I was following!

I’ve been mentioned in retweets several times, but this was the most exciting one. And, to be fair, I haven’t been retweeted in a while. Unlike what I thought would happen, retweets don’t snowball into sudden attention. Don’t take it personally when people seem to ignore you again. This is Twitter, after all.

I just found some links about how to get retweeted in case you get impatient:

How to get retweeted — the formula by Louise Doherty at

How to get retweeted by Guy Kawasaki at OPEN Forum

What to do when you are retweeted

Say thank you!

How I did it: “@Barry_at_IMPACT Thanks so much for the RT!”

This concludes my series recounting my beginning experience using Twitter for career advancement. This is pretty much how far I’ve gotten, so from now on I’ll post about Twitter in real time.

I would love to hear from anyone I’ve helped with my first-hand experience/advice!


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  1. Rebecca permalink
    September 22, 2009 2:43 pm

    Hey, kid, what’s shakin’? You need some buttons on your blog here that will allow people to follow you without leaving your blog. “FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER. CLICK HERE.” Or however it works with WordPress. I’m sure you’re on top of it already. There’s all those tools that people can use to retweet your blog/post to Facebook from your blog and all that jazz. I use it all the time when I read interesting news articles on Yahoo! and want to post them to Facebook.

    I need to figure out how it works for myself, which is really why I want you to do it first and then write about it, so I can see how it works. I’ll be starting up my new blog as soon as I get around to it, and I’ll be tweeting and Facebooking about it. It’s a whole world-domination thing. It’ll be very. It will have nothing to do with finding a job, so we don’t have to become frenemies.

    I totally expect to see you as some sort of expert consultant on CNN any minute now, btw.

    • Jessica Lewis permalink*
      September 24, 2009 3:10 pm

      I actually wasn’t on top of that, so thank you for noticing! I’m still getting used to all of my online goings-on being linked. Facebook is an exception for this blog; I’ve adding some things to drive traffic out of Facebook to here, but I’m not going to drive traffic from here to there.

      As for the retweeting/Facebooking of my blog posts, I’ve been reading that that’s not easy to do on a WordPress hosted blog, which this is. I’ve got one thing to try with my next blog post. I hope it works.

      I don’t think we’d ever have to become frenemies, even if we wrote about the same thing. Great minds think alike, and once you start blogging, you’ll see that 10 other bloggers already wrote about your idea in a way you think is better. I love reading other people’s thoughts on the subjects I write about. It gets the wheels turning in my head and validates my opinion.

  2. September 30, 2009 11:04 am

    Good post! Very simple and straightforward. I myself just started twitter about a month ago. I was very overwhelmed at first. I wish there was a post like this that I could read from!

    • Jessica Lewis permalink*
      October 1, 2009 10:05 am

      I started just a month ago, also, so I guess we’re learning together!


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